Minutes 02/13/2017

A.      Meeting called to order at 1300 hrs by Cmdr

1.       Motion to deviate from standard format made by chaplain

2.       2ndoffered by SVC

3.       Motion passes


B.      Cmdr makes motion to accept new members Richard and Vikki Ellis

1.       Chaplain 2nd

2.       Motion passes

C.      Vikki Ellis nominated and accepts vso position

D.      Chaplain benediction


Commander opens for business

A.      Bingo report for Jan 2017

1.       Svc presents bingo report

a.       Report available for review/audit

b.       Cmdr asks for verification by Trustees

c.       Verification affirmed

B.      Qm offers monthly report for Jan 2017

1.       Cmdr notices balance on post building fund is inaccurate, should be "zero”

2.       Report on file for review/audit

C.      Motion by svc to accept reports and minutes

1.       2ndoffered by Jvc

2.       Motion passes

D.      Cmdr inquires of distressed family/comrades

1.       No replies offered

E.       Chaplain prayer for Veterans homes



Unfinished business


A.      Svc motion to buy cleaning supplies from Midland Chemical

1.       2ndoffered by trustee Turner

2.       Motion passes

B.      Bob S. made mention of the need for safety clothing for use with cleaners

1.       Emphasis placed on safety of members in using supplies



New Business

A.      Svc said Coleman business associates wish to use hall on April 8

1.       2nd offered by jvc

2.       Motion passes

B.      Adj requests info be sent to him regarding events, etc. to post to website

1.       Chaplain mentions needing replacement for June Herkel for hall rental

2.       Adj offers to replace June as hall rental point of contact

3.       Cmdr wishes to talk with June 1st, then vote on replacement at next meeting

C.      Cmdr mentioned lawyer fees for legal help and asked that 275$ be sent to him

D.      Cmdr mentioned bldg. insurance due and the Aux gave us $`1000 to help pay

1.       Chaplain made motion to raise premium so that deductible is lower

2.       2ndoffered by svc

3.       Motion passes

E.       Qm said we need to add money to offer payment

1.       Svc said he had money to deposit, they would talk after meeting

F.       Svc makes a motion to repay Turner for the printer cartridge he bought personally for Post.

1.       2ndoffered by vikki ellis

2.       Motion passes


Good of the Order


A.      Cmdr made mention of the LZ welcome home program

1.       Event posted to calendar

B.      Cmdr asks of our tax-exempt status

1.       Adj answers that we may see a letter by June 2017 but are not tax exempt presently

C.      Fish Fry discussion

1.       Cmdr states only made $376 for the past (2) fish fry’s

2.       Aux suggested no chicken tenders next month, change to menu

3.       Discussion conducted and suggestions made

4.       Dick Ellis asked about yearly income from fish fry, svc replied according to records

5.       Bake sale by Apostolic church on April 7th is mentioned (relay for life)

6.       Vikki Ellis thanks post for the aid offered to Dick Ellis during his recovery.

D.      Mobility equipment

1.       Vikki Ellis made motion to buy new batteries for the Hoverounds

2.       2ndoffered by chaplain

3.       Motion passes

E.       Trustee Turner spoke of programs that aid those in need and veterans

1.       Pivot Point of Midland offers reconditioned appliances

2.       "The Bridge” store in Midland offers a food pantry

3.       His Hands Auto of Midland

F.       Adj spoke of new website

1.       Calendar and how to add

2.       Presented where and how to access meeting minutes online

3.       Presented the web address sign made by Bob Crivac

4.       Trustee Jerry Kloha mentioned how the website had already helped a vet find equine therapy

5.       Qm discussed ordering 1000 poppies

6.       However, we found 1200 in-house.

G.      Parting prayer by Chaplain

Meeting adjourned at 14:07 hrs.


Meeting 3/13/2017

No quorum present, no activities voted on.




 Meeting Minutes 4/10/17

Cmdr opened meeting at 12 pm

Benediction by chaplain

Roll call – present were: Cmdr, SVC, JVC, adj, qm, 3 trustees

A.Bingo report by sr vc

B.Monthly report – QM

1. Chapl makes motion to accept reports

2.Bob S – 2nd

3.Motion passes

C.Motion to suspend normal procedure made by sr vc

1.Qm – 2nd

2.Motion passes


Cmdr – Neil, Pat m

Sr vc – Brent, Duane

Jr vc – Dave f

Qm – Brent, Gary

Chaplin – Teil, Galen, Jerry K

Surgeon – Jerry, Bob, Chuck

Trustee – Bruce, Gary

D.Motion to return to normal procedure made by sr vc

1.2nd by Gary

2.Motion passes

E.Chaplain mentioned getting a card for Richard Waligorski

F. Chapl makes motion to give 300$ to gazebo project

1.Sr vc – 2nd

2.Motion passes

G.Mention made to cement in flags in town

1.Agreement made to meet at Post on May 19 at 10 am

New Business

H.Adjutant presents Ray McCall transfer request

1.Motion passes to accept

I.Sr vc brought up having bake sale at May Fish fry

1.Cmdr felt raffle tickets more favorable idea

Good Of The Order

J.Cmdr makes motion to make Charlie Long the Grand Marshall of parade

1. Chapl makes motion

2.Sr vc makes 2nd

3.Motion passes

K.Galen turner asked about junking old Hoverounds

1.Membership gave verbal consent

L.Poppy Day is May 12th 6 to 6

M.Cmdr makes motion to return money to Forgotten Eagles

1.Galen turner – second

2.Motion passes

N.Jerry Kloha will take over weapons maintenance

Closing ceremonies



Member Meeting May 8th, 2017

         I.            Cmdr opened meeting at 1300 hrs

a.       Officer of the Day checked for valid membership cards

b.       Cmdr advised of procedure

c.       Quorum made; those present were membership and: cmdr, sr vice, jr vice, qm, adj, trustees.

d.       Minutes were read and accepted

       II.            Motion made to suspend normal procedure to conduct elections

a.       Made by Sr Vice

b.       Teal – 2nd

c.       Motion passes

     III.            2017 Elections commenced with the following results

a.       Cmdr – Ray McCall, Sr Vice – Pat M, Jr Vice – Dave F, Qm -Brent S, Surgeon – Jerry K, Chaplain – Galen T, Trustee – Gary E.

    IV.            Motion to return to normal procedure

a.       Gary e – 1st

b.       Duane – 2nd

c.       Motion passes

      V.            Reports made

a.       Bingo report – Sr Vice

b.       Qm report – QM

c.       Both reports accepted subj to audit

   VI.       adjutant read last meeting minutes

a.       Ray – 1st

b.       Gary E – 2nd

c.       Motion passes

    VI.            Ray McCall recognized

a.       Read aux by-laws with regard to what vfw cmdr may expect from the Aux

b.        Ray M -Motion to require Aux to provide Monthly report to Cmdr prior to 1st Monday of month.

c.       Gary – 2nd

d.       Motion passes

   VII.            Cmdr asks about distressed comrades

a.       Galen told of comrade needing tires

b.       Keith – motion to aid the veteran with tires

c.       Teal – 2nd

d.       Motion passes

New Business

A.      Cmdr spoke of sponsoring a comedian

1.       Teal – motion to support with $500

2.       Bob – 2nd

3.       Motion passes


B.      Teal is recognized

1.       Motion to make up the difference in shortfalls for the website

2.       Ray m – 2nd

3.       Motion passes



A.      Aux gives 50$ toward website

B.      Aux said snack free at Bingo but meal is 5$ for membership

C.      Poppy days are Friday, we assigned spots to all who will be selling poppies.


Prayer by Chaplain

Meeting Dismissed at 1400 hrs

Minutes 6/12/2017

Roll and Accountability done, All officers present with members

A. minutes read

     1. motion to accept minutes by Gary E

     2. Ray M  seconds

     3. passed

B.Bingo report presented

C. Qm report made

D. cmdr inquires of distressed comrades.

 1. none mentioned


A. Gary E speaks of the AED program

  1. need to find out liabilities of program

  2. who pays if destroyed?

B. Bruce asked about stainless steel sink replacement in kitchen

   1. cost is $232.58

    2. Ray M makes motion to buy

    3. Dave F seconds

    4. motion passes

    5. Bruce reminded us of an inspection by Dist 11


A. Gary E accepts apointment as Chaplain

B. Jerry K wants Honor Guard for the Post

C. Jerry accepts Sergeant-at-Arms appointment

     1. Jerry runs the Honor Guard

D. Gary E. talks of the pancake breakfast

E. Woligarski added about Auxiliary issues

     1. expressed we need a different tact for the Auxiliary

F. Ray M sworn in as Commander

Meeting closed at 1345 hrs

Meeting Minutes for

July 2017

Note: Sarge, when doing the monthly report, include the Aux. Bal


Meeting began July 10, 2017 at 1300 hrs

7 members present, 1 guest

A.      Motion to accept the Brent as the QM

1.       Made by Duane joseph

2.       2nd by Dave feusse

3.       Motion passes

B.      Motion to accept the previous minutes

1.       Made by d joseph

2.       2nd by Dave f

3.       Passes

C.      Bingo report made

1.       Motion to accept d feusse

2.       2nd vikki ellis

3.       Passes

D.      Food service sanitation training Aug. 14 8 am to 6 pm

1.       Motion to send 4 ppl d joseph

2.       2nd by Dave f

3.       Passes

E.       Service officer will be in Farwell 8 am July 11, 2017

F.       Unfinished business – none

G.      New business – none

Good of the order

Awards for Patriot Pen, Voice of Democracy

1.        place for safety, 1st plc for drug program

2.       Farmers market on wed. @VA hospital

3.       Guest: Colon Laney for post insp. From Dist. 11

4.       Hospital and activities for post were filed.